Sunday 17 November 2013

Australian citizens rally for National Day of Climate Action

Concerned Australians gathered in their tens of thousands on 17 November to express concern about their federal and state governments’ lack of commitment to immediate, credible and ongoing action on climate change.

Brisbane’s Queens Park was filled to capacity as National Day of Climate Action speakers called on all politicians to acknowledge the dangers of climate change caused by human activity and to support long-term legislation and incentives to reduce greenhouse emissions. Similar events were held in capital cities and regional centres across the nation.

Scientists are already measuring increases in ocean water temperature and acidity and there are real concerns about impacts on marine life on a global scale, including cetaceans. Current models suggest, for example, that Antarctic foraging areas for whales are likely to become far less productive and more widely separated. Migratory whales returning to polar waters need to find abundant food resources quickly.

Organisers including GetUp, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Oxfam Australia and Queensland Conservation are planning further events this summer.


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