Thursday 06 January 2011

Japanese whalers back in the Antarctic

The Japanese whaling fleet entered the Southern Ocean in December intent on continuing its Antarctic whaling activities.

Japan's counterfeit 'scientific' whaling program, JARPA II, calls for up to 935 minke whales and 50 endangered fin whales this season. It is not yet known whether they will also take the 50 humpback whales specified in the 'research program' or whether international pressure will once more see this species, at least, spared the harpoon.

Japan's return to Antarctic waters means that the Australian Government will now make good its threat to take legal action in the International Court of Justice. Australia had warned Japan that commencing its 2010/2011 hunt without also announcing a commitment to terminating or phasing out JARPA II would see the legal proceedings, initiated in May 2010, followed through.


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