Sunday 09 February 2014

No orcas for the Olympics, but bound for captivity elsewhere

The 2014 Olympic Winter Games are under way and Sochi’s Aquatoria dolphinarium has thankfully not seen the addition of orcas to their collection of captive performing belugas, dolphins, walruses, seals and sea lions.

Concerns had grown when authorities declined to comment about whether or not one or two orcas would arrive at Aquatoria in time for the Olympics. It now appears that the orcas in question are probably being held in Moscow, awaiting completion of a performance facility at the Moscow Aquarium and Dolphinarium. We are unlikely ever to know whether there was an intention to locate the orcas at Sochi, either temporarily or permanently, before voices of concern were raised.

Regardless of their ultimate destination, there appears little doubt that at least seven orcas, captured from the Okhotsk Sea nearly late in 2013, are destined to spend the remainder of their lives in small, land-locked enclosures somewhere, for the purpose of entertaining some humans and making money for others.



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