Sunday 22 January 2012

Norway Government campaigns to Save the Whaling

Whereas Japan’s continues whaling activity is largely due to pressure brought to bear on the government by the powerful Japanese fishing industry, things seem to be the other way around in Norway.

In both 2008 and 2009, the Norwegian Government issued a quota of 885 minke whales to its whaling fleet.  The actual catch fell far short in both years, with 536 killed in ’08 and 484 in ’09.

Despite the declining catch, the Norwegian Government increased the quota in 2010 by 45%, to 1,286 minkes. The whalers took only 648. With the quota remaining at 1,268 for 2011 Norway’s whaling fleet again took less than half, killing 528 minkes.

The Government of Norway is now urging its whaling industry to lift its game, with the Directorate of Fisheries calling on whalers to fill their quotas and even encouraging “new participants” in the industry.

With decreasing domestic whale meat consumption, a whaling  industry in decline and a developing whale watching industry, it is difficult to understand why the Norwegian Government does not take the opportunity to shut down or at least phase out commercial whaling instead.


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