Sunday 15 March 2009

Volunteers needed for Queensland oil spill cleanup

With more than 200,000 litres of spilled oil washing up on the southeast Queensland coast, volunteers are needed to assist with cleaning up the shoreline and rescuing wildlife.

In many locations it is preferable to collect the washed up oil by hand rather than using earthmoving equipment.

Preliminary checks have found that inshore dolphin populations might not have been severely affected at this stage.  However the situation will need constant monitoring for months to come.

Unfortunately, many seabirds have been covered with oil and require capture and rehabilitation.

The Queensland Government is coordinating the cleanup effort and those wishing to help can call the following numbers:

Seashore cleanup:  (07) 3211 4404

Wildlife:  1300 264 625 (RSPCA)

General enquiries:  1800 216 723 (Queensland Transport)



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